Here's what some of our clients have to say!


DG (Age 61):

Where else would I get my trainers warmed on the radiator ready for my early morning workouts! Joking aside, the programs are designed specifically for me, targeting the areas I want, and my trainer is completely dedicated to the cause, keeping it fun, challenging and getting great results too!

SW (Age 39) & PW (Age 47)

We have a laugh with our trainer yet she works us really hard too! We love training together, love the set up here, it's private and comfortable... We wouldn't set foot in a big gym, we like the privacy here! Plus the Xmas party is always a blast!

By coming here twice a week and working my ass really hard, I can have a fab weekend with my hubby and my mates with no guilt and maintain my weight too!
— KC (Age 46)

LLS (Age 41) & LP (Age 55)

Because we would be very, very fat If we didn't!! We've made the appointment, we've paid the money - so we are going! We wouldn't want to train in front of other people so a normal gym set up is not for us! We always feel better for it at the end! And, if we didn't turn up... she knows where we live!!!

KO (Age 49)

I wouldn't be able to go to a big gym. I just feel comfortable here, it's private, no one is judging me! I give up easily normally but I have a connection with my trainer, she motivates me, encourages me and I have fun too! It's the first time ever that I have lost weight by eating food and exercising, and not by a fad diet!! It really works!

JS (Age 38)

There's just no excuses really! Nothing keeps me away...it gives me perspective when an otherwise busy life would lead me to derail...it's not just about the training for me. It's about the support, the motivation, the clarity. It's my stress buster, it's all about me, I walk in with a head full of stuff, and walk out with a clear space.

SM (Age 52)

I'm not here to lose weight, I'm here because it makes a difference, and that becomes more obvious month by month. I lead an active lifestyle, a keen skier, and yachtsman and the longer I train, the more I can differentiate with other people my age. My posture's better, I have much more stamina and my core is stronger! I'm still going grey though!

SS (Age 56)

I know my nutrition, I know what to do to maintain my weight, and having worked out with trainers for 25 years I know a good trainer from a bad one! I prefer the smaller studio environment rather that the gym and my trainer is attentive, caring, knowledgeable, and makes sure I get what I want, and need, from each and every session, whether I'm in the mood or not!

IF (Age 55)

I literally live next door and don't need to get out of bed til five mins before I come! I started at PW to lead a healthier lifestyle, met some goals and now feel fitter, healthier and have been pushed past my own restricting limits. My trainer and I have an understanding, we have good banter, every session is different and varied, whilst still hitting the areas I need it the most!

JS (Age 72)

I love it!!!...It keeps me actively exercising, which I just wouldn't do, and the trainer is such good fun to be with. I've wasted so many gym memberships over the years because I find them intimidating. Here, it is private, and I have the confidence to try so many variations of exercises that I never get bored!, I'm proud of how I feel, confident in my appearance, aware of my posture, love my toned arms and happy to go strappy!

NW (Age 19)

I love the feeling of achievement and empowerment....I feel more confident, inspired and stronger every time I come. The friends I have made in group training are non-judgmental, friendly, amazing people that make you feel included...nobody's left out! We always have a laugh and great banter which motivates us all to work harder together!



  • Do you want to lose weight?

  • Are your clothes too tight?

  • Do you want to fit back into your jeans and lose the muffin top?

  • Is your favourite dress clinging in all the wrong places?

  • Can you do the buttons up on your best suit jacket?

  • Do you cover your arms because they look flabby?

  • Is the thought of wearing summer clothes terrifying?

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