Here at Perpetual Wellbeing we understand that not everyone wants, or can afford, One-to-One Personal Training. We ALSO recognise that the company of others can be motivating, encouraging, challenging, rewarding and more affordable!

In our Semi-private coaching sessions you will receive the same individual personalised program, with the same professional, mature, experienced coach but share the session, and the cost, with up to three other people!

Each person will be doing their own individual program working towards their goals with the coach managing the session and guiding everyone through their workout.

By taking into account your individual fitness levels, your strength and your experience, our trainers will design your program enabling you to reach your individual goals in a small group environment.


Exercising with a partner is cost effective, motivating, encouraging and adds an element of competition!

During our personally tailored fun & friendly sessions you will take part in exercises according to you and your partner's abilities even if you are at different levels, learn about healthy eating and how to make better lifestyle choices to achieve your individual goals.

At home you can access the workouts and healthy eating advice through the Perpetual Wellbeing Online App.


    • Learn how to make healthier food choices

    • Feel more body-confident

    • Increase your self-esteem

    • Lose unwanted body fat

    • Have more energy!


We provide water and towels and there is free on-site parking





Jenny HAS LOST 30 KG

Before coming to Perpetual Wellbeing I had tried pretty much everything to lose weight. The day I booked my consultation was the day I vowed to change my life.


Phil lost 32 kg

I couldn’t go to a normal gym, I wouldn’t know what to do. I like the privacy here and I can switch off and just follow the instructions! I am fitter and stronger than I have ever been.



Book a consultation and start your results driven training and coaching program now!

During the consultation we will talk about what you want and need from your training and coaching program. We will establish how any injuries or illnesses may restrict you and take into account any postural, flexibility and mobility issues.

A short fitness assessment will give us a baseline fitness level and enable us to put together the most efficient program for you. Most importantly we will put your goals in place and together we will work out how you can achieve them.

To book your free semi-private or partner coaching telephone consultation select your preferred date & time below. Please take a few moments to fill in the forms as you book your slot, as they are necessary for your coach to prepare your consultation call.