Get Closer To Your Flat Belly


Hello again!

I hope you're doing the exercises I showed you last time to help stretch your upper back and shoulders and are already feeling the benefit of 'movement'.

It's nearly, almost, hopefully very soon going to be summer; so this time we're going to start working your waist, strengthen your core which will start to help to flatten that belly.

This whole routine will only take you 5 minutes and like the last video, you can also split them up to work into your day whilst sitting at your desk or in the car, walking the dog or even watching TV!.

Start working them into your day as many times as possible, adopt the pointers about what you're eating from the previous emails and you'll be well on your way to feeling and seeing the difference!

Enjoy yourself whilst you do them, then you'll look forward to doing them more often!

Smiles :-)


Get a flat belly & stomach with this technique

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