Eat fat to lose fat??


This statement alone terrifies most people.

For years we have been encouraged to eat low fat, with no mention of the high sugar substitute found in almost all low fat products.

Understanding fat will help you to make healthier food choices

Good fat

Good fat can boost your metabolism helping you to lose weight.

Good fat is easy to digest and makes you feel full.

Good fat helps the body to absorb key vitamins

Good fat can be found in coconut oil, avocado, oily fish, olive oil, almonds, seeds and eggs to name a few.

Bad fat

Limit saturated fat found in red meat, butter and cheese.

Avoid bad fat ‘trans fat’ which is found in pastries, cakes, pizzas and many other processed foods.

Beware though, fat contains more calories than protein and carbs, and is delicious therefore it’s easy to overeat. Those calories can add up quickly so make sure you count them!

Eating good fat will make you feel satisfied, full of energy and sleep better...

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