7 Benefits of Drinking Water


Did you know (according to medicalnewstoday.com) that adult humans are 60% water and our blood is 90% water?

Are We Made of Water?

Thing is, even though we KNOW that we’re made up of water, and we KNOW that water is important to us, the THRUTH is, most of us aren’t getting enough of the clear stuff as our bodies need.

Ever had a head ache? Or got a stitch? Or had a cramp? Or suffered from dry skin? Or felt tired and sleepy on a regular basis?

Then that was just your bodies way of letting you know that you probably weren’t hydrated enough aka not drinking enough water.

Now let’s bring the mood back up and look at just 7 (There are far too many to mention here) of the BENEFITS of drinking water:

  1. Boosts skin health and beauty – dehydrated skin is vulnerable to skin disorders and premature ageing, and nobody wants to order that off the menu of life!

  2. Helps with weight loss – Especially if it’s drank instead of sugary drinks.

  3. Improves exercise performance – less cramps and tiredness? YES PLEASE!

  4. (Our favourite) Reduces the chance of a hangover – You won’t drink as much alcohol and you’ll also be more hydrated the next day!

  5. Prevents kidney damage – dehydration can lead to kidney stones and other kidney related problems.

  6. Improves breathing – When we’re dehydrated, the airways are restricted which can make things like asthma and other allergies worse.

  7. Helps with focus and concentration – When working at their best, our brains rely on messages being sent from one part of the brain to another, and simply put, water is what’s used to transport these messages nice and quickly. (It’s kind of like one big electrical circuit up there; the more water, the faster the electricity (messages) can move around).

Water is Vital

In short, water is vital to us if we not only want to survive but especially if we want to thrive in this fast paced, highly demanding and always changing world.

If you want to be more alert, have more energy, be healthy, happy and slow down the ageing process without having to spend thousands on all sorts of pills, powders and potions (and sometimes even surgery) then make good old H2O your very best friend.

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