6 Facts That Will Change Your Body Shape For Ever


Exercise and eating right go hand-in-hand in creating a healthy body. Exercising and eating crap won't work. Eating healthy and not exercising at all is only doing half a job. Long term change, no matter what it is, will only work AND last when you change your thinking. So here are 6 facts that have the potential to change your body shape forever!


1. Eat Fat to Lose Fat

It may seem logical that in order to lose fat, you need to consume less of it, right? Wrong! From a fat loss perspective, reducing carbs and increasing (good) fat in your diet creates a fat loss environment. By providing a consistent source of (good) fat in your diet, it will let go of the fat it’s storing.

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2. Reduce Refined Carbs

Refined carbohydrates stimulate blood sugar and insulin in the body. Insulin is the main fat storage hormone. When insulin levels goes down, the body burns stored fat easier. Refined carbs are carbs that have been manufacture and processed, to produce the “quick and convenient” and as a result have next to no nutritional value and are very hard to digest.

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3. Add Protein To Your Breakfast

Adding more protein to your diet is the most effective way to lose weight.  Studies have shown that a high-protein breakfast reduces hunger resulting in eating 135 fewer calories later in the day. The body uses more calories to metabolize protein, compared to fat or carbs.

The struggle you’re in today is developing the strength you need for tomorrow.


4. Increase Your Muscle

1kg of muscle burns 50 calories a day, whereas 1kg of fat burns just 3. Not lifting weights because you're afraid you'll gain "too much" muscle is like not driving your car because you fear you'll become an F1 driver!!

You can feel sore tomorrow or you can feel sorry tomorrow. You choose.

5. Do Both Cardio and Weights For Best Results and Fitness

It’s important to do the right kind of exercise. Nothing but cardio on the treadmill is unlikely to give you good results.

Weight lifting – this will greatly improve your hormonal environment and increase muscle mass, which will help you lose weight.

Interval training – doing high intensity intervals is an excellent form of cardio that improves your metabolism.

Low intensity – exercise like walking is great. The human body was designed to move around, not sit in a chair all day.

Sweat is just fat crying!

6. Change Your Priorities

“I haven’t got time to exercise!” - According to data from Nielsen, TV time increases the older we get. Children aged between 2-11 watch over 24 hours of TV per week, while adults aged 35-49 watch more than 33 hours.

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