Hi I’m Jess! 

I’m the new Health & Fitness Coach at Perpetual Wellbeing. My love and passion for fitness started way back in my teenage years at school. Having tried other career paths, I decided that I would turn my hobby into my career.

I do have some days where I struggle to motivate myself, so I understand how it feels to not want to train and how much of an effort it can be to just get to the gym, never mind doing anything worthwhile whilst there.  So I remind myself what I want to achieve and how good it feels once I’ve done my workout, and often surprise myself with how much I’ve got done.

Having worked in more commercial settings, I appreciate usual gyms aren’t for everybody – they can be intimidating or distracting – both for clients and as a trainer which is why PW appealed to me. 

With a more personal surrounding it means I can focus purely on my clients, without them feeling they are being watched or judged by other gym-goers.

So come and have a free consultation with me and see how I can help you to achieve your goals!