One to one health & fitness coaching

One to one coaching is for those who really want to achieve the best results.


So much more than just personal training!

Taking a haphazard approach to your health & fitness will often lead to poor or limited results. Using an experienced & professional coach with the knowledge not only to develop a workout routine to suit your lifestyle, but to help boost your confidence and increase your self-esteem, assess your likes and dislikes and to advise you about your nutrition will most certainly help you to achieve your goals.

If you feel intimidated by large gyms and want to work in a private personal environment then Perpetual Wellbeing is the place for you.

If you want a results driven individual program designed by a mature, professional and experienced coach with a proven track record then Perpetual Wellbeing is the place for you.

By focussing on mindset, form and technique your coach will help you achieve the results your desire with a program suited to your goals. 

  • See results sooner

  • Boost confidence

  • Increase self-esteem

  • Avoid injury

  • Lose fat & gain muscle

  • Break through plateaus

  • Set realistic goals

  • Be accountable

  • Keep constantly challenged

  • Create lifelong habits


Our services of weight loss, shape & tone, and strength & fitness, are specific to achieving maximum results quickly, in the most effective and maintainable way.

    • No distractions

    • No TV's

    • No Mobile Phones

    • No Music

    • No Other People!

    • Your personal trainer is 100% focused upon you and your personalised program throughout the session.


Our exclusive private studio is for those who prefer to exercise alone and in complete privacy with a results driven personal coach.

You will work closely with your coach creating a personalised program which will progress overtime developing your form and technique and resulting in you reaching your goals.

You will have the opportunity to discuss any other issues with your coach, whether they be work, home or self development to help you be the best you.Our coaching methods focus on increasing self confidence, strength and fitness and helping our clients to live healthier and happier lives.


SM (AGE 52)

I’m not here to lose weight, I’m here because it makes a difference, and that becomes more obvious month by month. I lead an active lifestyle, a keen skier, and yachtsman and the longer I train, the more I can differentiate with other people my age. My posture’s better, I have much more stamina and my core is stronger! I’m still going grey though!
— SM (Age 52)


JS (AGE 72)

I love it!! It keeps me actively exercising which I just wouldn’t do, and the trainer is such good fun to be with. I’ve wasted so many gym memberships over the years because I find them intimidating. Here, it is private, and I have the confidence to try so many variations of exercises that I never get bored!, I’m proud of how I feel, confident in my appearance, aware of my posture, love my toned arms and happy to go strappy!
— JS (Age 72)


Here are some results achieved by our valued clients!




Book a consultation and start your results driven training and coaching program now!

During the consultation we will talk about what you want and need from your training and coaching program. We will establish how any injuries or illnesses may restrict you and take into account any postural, flexibility and mobility issues.

A short fitness assessment will give us a baseline fitness level and enable us to put together the most efficient program for you. Most importantly we will put your goals in place and together we will work out how you can achieve them.

To book your free One to one telephone consultation select your preferred date & time below. Please take a few moments to fill in the forms as you book your slot, as they are necessary for your coach to prepare your consultation call.